2022 / 85m - UK
Matriarch poster


November 08, 2022


A nice little UK horror. The performances leave something to be desired and it's not what you'd call original, but Steiner does a decent job building up the tension and tacks on an ending that becomes gleefully strange and isn't afraid to mix a little fantasy in with the horror. Proper filler in other words.

Laura is a successful marketeer, but she can't find happiness in her personal life. After overdosing, she gets a call from her mother. The two separated more than 20 years ago, but Laura decides to give their relationship a second chance and returns to her hometown. What she finds there isn't what she hoped for though.

Expect some pagan horror in a little UK country village, if you're fine with that then Matriarch will deliver the goods. The reveal isn't too shocking, but some of the imagery is very direct and while the film is a little slow to start, the finale is pretty bonkers. Not the most memorable of films, but I had fun watching it.