1996 / 45m - Japan
Animation, Action, Sci-fi
M.D. Geist II poster


December 19, 2022


A pretty straightforward sequel. If you liked the first part, this is a very easy recommendation. If you didn't care for it, then it's better to just skip part 2. I'm mostly disappointed that they didn't manage to crank up the animation quality, as that was by far the weakest element of the first episode. Luckily the film does have some other perks.

After setting loose the Death Force on planet Jerra, the remaining human population went into hiding. They are now led by Krauser, who hopes to become the hero of his people. Geist learns of their existence and he starts working on a new plan to get rid of those pesky humans. What follows is a gritty battle to the death.

M.D. Geist has everything you'd hope to see from a genre anime of the 90s. It is quite brutal and unflinching, there are some cool mecha, the pacing is stark and the lore is pretty elaborate. It's just a shame that the animation often looks like a series of comic stills rather than properly animated sequences. No doubt a simple budget issue, but one that greatly impacts the overall quality. Still, I had some fun with this.