2016 / 106m - UK
Me Before You poster


October 31, 2021


A pretty mushy romcom, that is in part saved by its British charm. All the clich├ęs are here though, so if you can't stand these types of films, it's better to avoid Me Before You altogether. The poor girl meets rich guy setup isn't exactly the most original either, then again, what did you expect from a film like this?

Louisa is a clumsy girl who needs a job. She applies to take care of William Traynor, a wealthy family's son who ended up in a wheelchair after being involved in a traffic incident. At first the two don't really appreciate each other's presence, but Louisa needs the money, and she persists. Slowly, William starts warming up to Louisa.

The character I felt most for was Patrick. A simple bloke who isn't the best boyfriend in the world, but doesn't deserve to be lied to. The romance is pretty basic and the added drama isn't very effective, but the setting is nice, and the characters do have a certain charm about them. Not the worst of its kind.