2020 / 87m - France
Horror, Sci-fi
Meander poster


April 12, 2021


The straight-up genre version of Tsukamoto's Haze. That said, it's probably pointless to stretch that comparison, as both films were made with very different mindsets and intentions. Turi's Meander aims for juicy genre entertainment and delivers on that promise, which is fine by me.

After a short introduction, Lisa ends up in a tiny metal room, completely oblivious to how she got there. A hatch opens and a small crawlspace reveals itself. Lisa has no choice to go in, hoping she can find her way out of there, but the road to freedom is littered with traps and lethal pitfalls.

With a limited cast and locations, Tori can show his worth as a director. The setting is atmospheric and stylish and never loses its appeal, the film feels claustrophobic, the traps are slick, performances are solid and the mystery is kept alive until the very end. The film isn't terribly original, but that's hardly an issue if you can accept this for what it is. Prime genre fun.