Mang Nam Gwan Sei Dui
2011 / 89m - Hong Kong
Men Suddenly in Love poster


June 25, 2011


A somewhat surprising misfire from Wong. What you get here is his take on Ho-Cheung Pang's Men Suddenly In Black, but without all the wit and cinematic prowess. Maybe it's because Wong is a little too obvious with his references here, which makes his film come off that much worse.

Five men organize a party for their old teacher. Five women join the party, but then their teacher collapses. He gives the men one last assignment: get their mistresses to sleep with them. The five feel obliged to grant his wish, but they'll have to do their very best to keep their wives out of the loop.

Wong found a solid cast and there are some fun references to various other films, but none of it comes off as very spirited. It really feels like Wong was trying to cash in on whatever property was popular back then. The result is pretty half-arsed and forgettable. You're better off watching some of his other comedies first.