1926 / 38m - France
Drama, Thriller
Ménilmontant poster


August 26, 2020


A classic, French impressionist film that seems to be somewhat of a hidden treasure. Well regarded and famous among fans of classic cinema, it's not really a title that has traveled far beyond its own niche. That's a real shame I feel, as it's one of the better classics I've seen so far.

I will say that the more contemporary score helped a lot. For a mood piece like this a soundtrack is extremely important and having very thick, demanding and atmospheric music supporting the visuals is a tremendous advantage. But the cinematography too deserves a mention, as the editing, the wild camera work and the framing are really quite spectacular, especially for a film this old.

With no dialogue, no intertitles and a strong impressionistic approach, the story can be a little tough to follow, but the gist of it should be clear enough. Performances are impressive too and the runtime is perfect, so if you're a fan of (slightly) experimental cinema, it's well worth giving Ménilmontant a try.