2022 / 97m - USA
Drama, Music
Metal Lords poster


April 09, 2022


It's 2022 and the US is still trying to sell metal as the ultimate in rebellious music. This time it is packaged as a prim and proper coming of age drama, as a 40-year-old with no interest in the music genre whatsoever that's a little hard to get into. It's not a terrible film, it just feels like a fantasy from some kid who lived 4 decades ago.

Kevin and Hunter are best friends, together they form Skullfucker. Hunter is a die-hard metal fan, Kevin a somewhat spineless guy who just tags along. When the Battle of the Bands comes up they enlist, but their friendship is tested when a girl appears and Kevin starts to drift from Hunter.

The young cast does a decent job, and there are a few cute jokes, other than that it's the usual coming of age issues and the typical metal vs (the most bland) pop contrasting to make metal look cool and edgy. Not quite sure who this film is for, but it's not the worst of its kind.