1987 / 48m - Japan
Animation, Sci-fi, Action
Metal Skin Panic MADOX- 01 poster


June 13, 2022


This is where it all started for Shinji Aramaki. I'd seen this one before, back when VHS was still a thing. It's not the most memorable anime, but mecha fans are sure to have a good time with it and fans of Headgear/Oshii will no doubt recognize some ideas and shots used in anime landmarks like Patlabor.

Kouji is a young tech enthusiast who is about to get the surprise of his life. An accident on the highway above drops an experimental mecha in the middle of his car repair shop. Before he knows it, he's in the suit, and it won't let go of him. He's not going to let a detail like that stop him from making it to the date with his girlfriend.

The plot is a bit daft, and it escalates rather quickly, so don't expect anything too serious. It feels more like an excuse to try out some cool mecha ideas, but that's perfectly fine with me. The animation is pretty cool, the art style is pleasant, the action is downright crazy and the pacing slick. A perfectly amusing OAV for mech lovers.