1939 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Midnight poster


June 10, 2023


A light comedy from the 30s. That means you expect lots of spitfire dialogues, some confusion and coincidences, and a fickle romance. I'm not a big fan of the screwball comedies of that era, but this one wasn't the worst of the bunch, in part thanks to Colbert's spirited performance.

Eve is a young girl who ends up in Paris. She's on the run but she gets into trouble almost right away. Her cab driver falls in love with her, and a wealthy man sees Eve as the perfect companion to get his wife to abandon her affair. That's not all, because Eve's past will come back to haunt her.

Colbert is cheery and amusing, the rest of the cast less so, but at least none of them is overly wooden. The plot isn't that interesting and the dialogue is flaccid rather than witty, but that's something that bothers me whenever I'm watching comedies from that era. Not my kind of funny.