2019 / 138m - USA
War, Action
Midway poster


April 30, 2023


Emmerich tackles Pearl Harbor. It's a simple enough premise that pretty much gives away the entire film. Midway is pretty close to Bay's blockbuster attempt, only without the extra swagger. Emmerich has never been the boldest of directors, without an interesting setup there isn't a whole lot that kept me engaged, apart from some expensive set pieces.

The Japanese take the Americans by surprise when they attack Pearl Harbor. The US won't yield though, and they move the battle to Midway. They are greatly outnumbered, but some bold tactical moves and lots of outrageous bravery flip the advantage. A crucial battle in the victory of the US over Japan in other words.

An overdose of sentiment and extreme patriotism make this a typical Hollywood/Emmerich blockbuster. The budget was there, but the CG isn't entirely convincing, the performances are pretty cheesy and there isn't much in the way of tension, as the outcome won't surprise anyone. Not great.