2016 / 98m - USA
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates poster


July 20, 2021


Semi-decent comedy. It's one of those films that takes a couple of famous comedy faces and relies on their improvisation skills to make sure the jokes are funny. Even with the best comedic talent, these films tend to be pretty hit-and-miss, with second tier stars like here it's more a matter of getting lucky.

Mike and Dave are bachelor brothers. They think themselves the life of the party, but others see them as total fuckups. When their sister Jeanie is getting married in Hawaii, they are required to bring nice dates to the wedding. Alice and Tatiana hear about this deal and fancy themselves a free vacation.

Some jokes are fun, others are terrible. The film constantly alternates between the two, which makes it a decent enough watch, but also keeps it from becoming a truly fun film. The plot and characters aren't too interesting, the structure pretty predictable, but I did chuckle a couple of times, which means this certainly wasn't the worst comedy I've seen. Passable.