1945 / 111m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Mildred Pierce poster


November 13, 2020


The film starts with a murder, the next shot you see shows a woman driving away from the murder scene. The setup is so obvious that you spend the next two hours waiting for the inevitable twist signaled in that very first scene. It's really not the best way to start a movie, though it's definitely not its only weakness.

Mildred flees her house after her husband is killed. She picks up an old friend, lures him to her house and tries to frame him for the murder. Once at the station, she finds out the police found another culprit. Overwhelmed by guilt, Mildred opens up to her interrogator and reveals what really happened that night.

Mildred Pierce is two hours of narrative. Just endless dialogues, mediocre performances, lazy writing and very little in the way of cinematic prowess. Just a handful of moments where the black & white cinematography makes a positive impression, otherwise this was a pretty boring film. Not my kind of cinema.