1944 / 98m - USA
Comedy, Romance
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December 08, 2022


A classic screwball comedy. It's only 100 minutes long, but because it's so hectic and long it feels like it's twice the length. That's not a good thing when the characters are unbearable and the comedy is plain and unfunny. The result is a film that is pretty grating, instead of hilarious or joyous.

Trudy works in a record store when she gets invited to a party with some soldiers. She isn't allowed to go, but she goes anyway. When she returns the next morning, she is married and pregnant, but she has no idea who her husband and the father of her child is. An old friend will have to cover for Trudy's indiscretions.

I'm not a fan of these old screwball comedies. While they share some similarities with Hong Kong comedy, they aren't quite as weird or zany. The plot is pretty bland, none of the characters is any fun and the delivery of the comedy is more geared at making noise than actually being witty. Not good.