Sam Hoi Tsam Yan
2008 / 118m - China
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Missing poster


March 06, 2010


An odd little Hark project. It's not the type of film you'd expect him to do. It's also not a film that easily compares to other films, trying to cram in many different genres, while also attempting to do something novel with each of them. Needless to say, it's a pretty inconsistent film, but if you crave something different it's definitely worth a shot.

Chen is a romantic soul, who once buried a wedding ring in an old ruin, his all-time favorite spot. When he finally finds the girl he wants to marry, he takes her with him, hoping to dig up the ring and propose to her. When they arrive, Chen suddenly disappears. Not much later a body is found, but it is impossible to identify. Chen's sister and his future fiancee start an investigation, hoping to learn what happened to him.

The first hour is pretty good, the second a bit wobblier. Hark switches too much between different genres and while every segment works well enough in its own right, the succession is a little distracting. The cast is pretty stellar though and the film looks slick and contemporary. I also appreciated the effort to do something different, especially in an industry that is extremely formula-based, but Hark may not have been the right guy for the job.