Tou Tian Te Wu
2016 / 103m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
Mission Milano poster


February 16, 2017


Jing Wong simply can't stop making films. Even though it feels like he ran out of fresh material ages ago, he keeps on polishing and remixing his older concepts to supply the contemporary blockbuster market with new cash cows. The most surprising thing is that these films are actually quite fun, if very light and forgettable.

Andy Lau finds a younger version of himself in Xiaoming Huang, together they team up to take on some average bad guys out to steal an important scientific discovery. It's basically a Bond film, filtered through the brain of Jing Wong, which means it comes with a serious dash of daft yet fun comedy.

The film looks slick, the light tone works in its favor and Lau is perfect for his part. If you can ignore the flaky CG, the meager plot and Wong plundering his own catalog, then Mission Milano offers solid entertainment and time will fly by. Cherry on the cake is the reunion of Lau and Sammi Cheng at the end, a nice nod for the true Hong Kong fan.