Xuan Lao Ding
2016 / 94m - Hong Kong
The Mobfathers poster


August 01, 2016


Yau's take on a Triad election. It's a popular topic and with illustrious competitors (To's Election films in particular) you know it's not going to be easy for a film like this to stand out. It doesn't really do that either, but it is a prime recommend for people who simply can't get enough of Hong Kong crime cinema.

When the godfather of a Triad organization finds out his health is deteriorating, and he only has one more year to live, he knows it is time to find a successor for his position. He appoints two men from his organization. It doesn't take long before the first gang members end up dead and wild speculations are doing the rounds.

Anthony Wong has a lot of fun playing the godfather, Philip King is the other standout in the cast. The action is quite bloody, the plot has a few welcome twists, and the crime elements are executed well. There's just nothing to really set it apart from so many other films in the genre. In other words, very good filler, but not a Hong Kong essential.