1958 / 116m - France
Mon Oncle poster


June 15, 2021


Tati has a very particular, unique and distinctive sense of humor. His films exist in a universe of their own, one that is explicitly comical, just a little tragic and very French. You can read that as extreme praise if you which, I freely admit it could've been just that. The problem is that I just don't find it funny.

Gérard is a young boy whose parents are rich and live in a futuristic mansion. It sounds like a great life, but Gérard is bored and prefers to hang around with his favorite uncle Hulot. Gérard's mom isn't too taken with her brother's lifestyle and tries to hook him up with her rich neighbor.

Tati plays with pacing, sound, adds many visuals gag and, doesn't fear a little slapstick, but none of it really works. The comedy feels predictable, flat, outdated and, regardless Tati's attempts to diversify, one-note. The soundtrack in particular is grating and the runtime makes it truly unbearable at times. A brave attempt by Tati, but it's not for me.