Mondays: Kono Taimurūpu, Jōshi ni Kidzuka Senai to Owaranai
2022 / 82m - Japan
Fantasy, Comedy
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August 31, 2023


A cute time loop movie. After the success of Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, I wouldn't be surprised if we'd see more of these in the coming years (and truthfully, they might start to bore pretty quickly), but for now, I don't mind this little niche getting a bit of extra traction in Japan.

Yoshikawa is fighting hard to meet her deadline, but things aren't really working out. Things get worse when two of her colleagues approach her to convince her this deadline week has been repeating itself for quite a while now. At first, she doesn't believe them, but once they break the spell on her, she needs to find a way to stop this madness.

It's a pretty light and entertaining film, nothing too dark or serious going on here. The film doesn't overstay its welcome, there are a few fun twists (though nothing too spectacular if you're familiar with these types of films) and the presentation is pleasant for an indie project. Fun and quirky, but it doesn't do quite enough to really stand out.