Ying Qian Zhuan Jia
1991 / 100m - Hong Kong
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September 17, 2023


An old Jing Wong comedy that resurfaced not too long ago. It's hardly a Hong Kong essential, but if you like their comedies then there's quite a bit to enjoy here. It almost feels like a best-of, with Wong serving a mix of exorcisms, ghosts, gambling, and crime. But it's really just a comedy.

A master gambler is set up by her Thai counterpart, who employed a witch to make sure he wasn't going to lose. She returns as a ghost and finds two clumsy men, whom she forces to help her get her revenge. The two try to ignore her, but she knows how to get them to play along with her schemes.

Many familiar faces, many popular genres, all mixed together. The film is pretty cheap, and compared to some of the more prestigious Hong Kong films of that era, it looks second-rate. But it's been a while since I last watched a true Jing Wong comedy, and even though there's nothing that stands out, it is pretty amusing throughout.