Zhuo Yao Ji
2015 / 117m - China
Fantasy, Action
Monster Hunt poster


June 02, 2020


Another Chinese blockbuster that gets dragged down by some horrendous CG. It's been a common theme with Chinese blockbusters this past decade, then again many of these films have had amazing box office success, so I doubt it's going to change any time soon. At least be warned when you decide to watch this film, your average console game has better CG.

It's a shame because the rest of the film is quite nice. A typical fantasy epic delivering a solid mix of comedy, action and fantasy in a historic setting. Production values are lush, the action looks cool enough and while the comedy is no doubt an acquired taste, the presence of actors like Eric Tsang and Sandra Kwan helps a lot.

The monster designs are terrible though. Appalling lumps of bad CG that stand in heavy contrast with everything else on screen. I did get used to them somewhat throughout the film, but it's really a missed opportunity for a film that is supposed to put these creatures front and center. Fans of Chinese fantasy epics are sure to get some kicks out of this one, but it's far from perfect.