2020 / 103m - USA
Action, Adventure
Monster Hunter poster


March 08, 2021


The latest Anderson/Jovovich collaboration. After successfully translating the Resident Evil franchise to the big screen, they're now trying to do the same with the Monster Hunter series. Not sure if it's going to be quite as popular since the lore of this one is noticeably weaker (disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the games), but at least they've managed to make a pretty decent action spectacle out of it.

A bunch of army folk end up in an alternate reality after a sandstorm hits them dead on. They soon find themselves outclassed by the monsters living there, but with the help from a couple of locals they manage to survive. Getting back to their own reality will prove a bit more difficult though.

While I wasn't a big fan of the monster designs, it was nice to see some puny humans battling giant creatures again. The action looks slick, the CG is solid and the pacing is perfect. After a short introduction, the film delivers non-stop action, which I exactly what I want from a film like this. It's not what you'd call masterpiece material, but it's a damn entertaining blockbuster.