Guai Wu Xian Sheng
2020 / 104m - China
Fantasy, Action
Monster Run poster


December 19, 2021


A spectacular blockbuster. While the West is firmly focused on Marvel's cinema obese, China is happily cranking out it's own slew of blockbusters. They're (extremely) close to matching the technical prowess of Hollywood, creatively and artistically speaking they've already overtaken their biggest competitor.

Ji Mo sees monsters, but nobody believes her. She considers it a curse and tries to fit in with the rest, but she keeps getting into trouble because of the monsters who trail her. When she bumps into Meng, a monster hunter, she hopes he can make her life better, but what he has to tell her isn't very reassuring.

The CG is on point, the cinematography is flashy, the performances are solid, and the fantasy elements feel fresh and different. The monster designs are a bit too childish and the balance between action and drama isn't quite perfect, but there's lots to like here, especially for people who don't want to watch the same recycled nonsense over and over again.