2020 / 84m - Japan
Comedy, Fantasy
Monster SeaFood Wars poster


October 19, 2022


A new Kaiju film from Kawasaki. Lately, his films seem to have lost some of their weird edge. That's not to say this is a regular Kaiju film, there's a whole nonsensical subplot about turning these monsters into gourmet dishes after all. It's just not as crazy or out there compared to his earlier work, and that's not a good evolution if you ask me.

Some special fish offerings don't reach the temple and end up in the river, a couple of months later three Kaiju appear, ravaging the nearby city. A special supplement has turned the seafood into giant monsters, but people's perception of them changes when they find out their meat is actually quite delicious.

The effects are pretty crummy and the performances aren't great either. Then again, that's what you get when sitting down for a low-budget Kawasaki film. There are some fun ideas here and the Kaiju parody is cute enough, it's just becoming a bit predictable. I still had fun with it, but I think it's time for Kawasaki to leave the Kaiju genre alone for a while.