2020 / 131m - Australia
Sci-fi, Action
Monsters of Man poster


January 09, 2021


A simple sci-fi/action flick by a first-time director, who is a little too eager to show his worth. While Monsters of Man is a well-made and amusing film, there's nothing particularly noteworthy that sets it apart, nothing that warrants a 2-hour plus running time. A real shame, at 90 minutes this would've been a lot better.

A young start-up is hired by the army to test out their new AI robots. They're told they're taking part in a simple nav mission, but it's clear that their bosses have ulterior motives. The mission doesn't go as planned and one of the robots defects. When it starts killing civilians, they need to act quick to try and save their own hides.

The CG is competent, the plot simple but sufficient, the robots looks quite nifty and the action is solid. Performances are a bit middling and there's really nothing you haven't seen before. Just a bunch of AI robots battling it out with some unsuspecting humans (one of which just happens to be a former SEAL agent). 90 minutes, that's all this needed to be, sadly there's a bout 40 minutes of cruft, making this much tougher to sit through than needed.