2022 / 130m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Moonfall poster


June 18, 2022


A film that starts as vintage Emmerich, then gets even more stupid. I say that with a certain level of respect, as Hollywood often takes itself too serious, Emmerich's films in particular tend to have disappointing second halves. That's not quite as bad here, but you have to be willing to accept the nonsense that is dished out.

The film begin like a regular Emmerich disaster film. Suddenly the moon's orbit starts to shift, some random amateur scientist figures it out but can't get anyone to believe him. Once the rest of the world realizes what is about to happen, it's already too late. But then there's an extra twist I really didn't see coming.

There's nothing particularly new or exciting about the disaster setup, not even the special effects are all that dazzling. It also takes quite a while for the film to get up to speed, but once the true nature of the disaster is revealed, Moonfall takes some crazy twists and turns. It's not a great film, not even close, but it could've been so much worse if Emmerich had gone for his usual, more dramatic approach.