2022 / 108m - USA
Fantasy, Action
Morbius poster


March 30, 2022


Apparently Sony still has broader access rights to the Marvel catalog. I've stopped caring about the ins and outs of the MCU (and DCU for that matter) long ago, so I have no clue how Morbius is supposed to fit (apart some off-the-cut references to Spider-Man property), but does it actually matter? This was just another superhero flick, nothing more, nothing less.

Morbius is a genius kid who suffers from a destructive blood disease. He vows to find a cure for him and his best mate, but when he finally finds a possible solution and injects it into himself, something goes horribly wrong. Morbius tries to fight his newfound disease, but his best friend gives in to the evil.

There's a bat motive, medical experiments gone wrong and good guys battling bad guys. Oh, and a pointless love interest. Yet another origin story for a forgettable character that will be slotted into a bigger whole at some point in time. Espinosa's direction isn't too bad though and the darker setting is pretty fun, but it's wasted on an inferior character.