San Jaat Si Hing
2004 / 94m - Hong Kong
Moving Targets poster


July 10, 2010


The early 00s saw the Hong Kong film industry moving in an upward spiral, directors like Jing Wong made good use of that boost to give their own films a little extra flair. Moving Targets is a film that settled itself into the slipstream of the Internal Affairs films and reaped the benefits of it.

Wong attracted a few veteran actors (Simon Yam, Lam Suet) and some younger talents (Nicholas Tse, Edison Chen) to steer things in the right direction. The plot isn't very noteworthy and no doubt you've seen this all before, but the film has the necessary visual prowess, which makes for an easy watch.

The pacing is solid, the runtime nice 'n short and there was enough intrigue to keep me interested. The production is a little too slick and Wong lacks the finesse to compete with the big boys in the genre, but films like these are perfect filler for when you've seen all the bigger names in the genre.