Tajuu Jinkaku Tantei Saiko - Amamiya Kazuhiko no Kikan
2000 / 324m - Japan
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
MPD Psycho poster


May 15, 2005


A Miike miniseries. I don't tend to watch too many of these, I rarely have the patience to finish them, but for Miike I was willing to make an exception. It's certainly interesting enough, with plenty of Miike weirdness to keep me entertained from start to finish (not sure how much was lifted from the manga though). Even so, 300+ minutes is a bit much for what is a pretty simple premise.

Kobayashi is a respected police detective, until a serial killer murders his wife and leaves him pining for his one true love. As a result, he starts to develop multiple personalities, which help him to track down his wife's killer. Kobayashi is successful in his quest for revenge, but years later it looks like the killer has resurfaced.

MPD Psycho has all the Miike goodness you could wish for, only the execution is a bit cheaper and the story gets smeared out over almost 6 hours. For fans of the miniseries format that won't be an issue, I prefer a slicker and more concise rendition of the story. Still, performances are solid, and the murders are pretty inventive, so it's certainly not a waste of time.