Lan Du Fu Dou Lan Du Qi
2012 / 100m - Hong Kong
Mr. & Mrs. Gambler poster


May 18, 2012


Jing Wong returns to what he knows best: gambling and parodies. If you've seen a couple of Wong films before, there won't be too many surprises here, he basically reiterates the same things he's been doing for ages. Fiona Sit and Chapman To do their best to keep things interesting though, and they succeed.

Halfway through Wong decides to lighten the mood as he goes after Kar-Wai, but not without having a few stabs at his own work too. I'm quite partial to this type of playful banter, it shows a director who knows what he's doing, but also isn't too shabby to have a little fun at his own expense.

The final half hour is a bit cheesier, but it never gets too overbearing and the breezy tone remains intact. The soundtrack is pretty generic, but at least the cinematography is slick and colorful. This is pretty simple and light entertainment, but the execution is on point and it's perfect filler in between more serious films.