Lan Gun Fu Dou Lan Gun Qi
2013 / 99m - Hong Kong
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June 27, 2014


I think Jing Wong was happy to finally make this film. It's the type of project that suits Wong, but was never deemed acceptable in Hong Kong (unless it was made as a Cat III film, with seriously limited its financial potential). That changed when raunchy comedies suddenly became a thing.

The plot is pretty nonsensical, sporting a famous charmer who has a sudden change of heart when he finally meets the lady of his dreams. To prove his love to her, he promises to go without flirting for 100 days straight. The girl's friends will do their utmost best to put that promise to the test.

While it sounds like a match made in heaven, Wong's direction feels a little flat, the comedy has too many ups and downs and the film isn't as edgy as I'd hoped. There are still some funny moments that make it worth a watch, especially for those who loved Wong's 80s comedies, but I had expected more.