Chuang Xie Xian Sheng
1988 / 92m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Mr. Possessed poster


November 08, 2008


A very run-of-the-mill Jing Wong romcom production. The kind that shows Wong has good ideas and can make fun, entertaining cinema is he really commits to it, but also shows that too often he takes the easy way out and builds his films on a couple of smart ideas, while padding the rest with mediocrity.

The story is nonsensical, but at least it's somewhat original for a romcom. Riley is about to get married, but suddenly finds himself under a spell that makes him resistant to the advances of other women. The problem is that Riley is also starting to doubt his own marriage. Trying to save his future life, he consults a priest to get rid of the spell.

A fun cameo by Jing Wong himself and some mental/madcap scenes kept me somewhat engaged. Most of the jokes bombed though, the performances weren't all that great and once the charm of the premise wore off it was obvious there wasn't too much appeal remaining. Basic Hong Kong comedy, decent filler, nothing more.