1992 / 88m - Hong Kong
Horror, Comedy
Mr. Vampire 1992 poster


November 08, 2022


A goofy, funny but utterly nonsensical fifth part in the Mr. Vampire franchise. If you liked the earlier entries you will have no trouble at all getting something out of this one, if you're looking for a film with a bit more meat to it, it's probably best to skip this. Mr. Vampire 1992 is pure entertainment filler, and should really be appreciated as such.

Ying is up to his usual antics. He is summoned together with his trusted disciples by a general to cure him of a strange affliction. They need vampire teeth powder to finish the job, but that's not so easy to find. Meanwhile, the general's wife is pregnant. Her midwife is trying to take over the baby, so Ying has his work cut out for him.

The various plot lines feel very much like filler and make very little sense together, but that's what you get five films into a popular franchise. There are hopping vampires, haunted babies, lion dances, cheesy comedy, and some well-choreographed action scenes. It all may feel quite disjointed, but I sure had a good time watching it.