USA [2018] - 116m
Crime, Drama
Directed by
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November 13, 2020


Clint Eastwood plays another oldskool, slightly cynical, hardened by life, unpopular old man. It's a role that suits him, but after seeing quite a few Eastwood (directed) films I'm getting more than a bit fed up by it. Though it's probably the tepid and unadventurous direction that's the real mishap here.

Earl is an old man, abandoned by his family because he cares more for his plants than he cares for them. When his granddaughter is about to get married, Earl wants to redeem himself by chipping in to pay for the wedding. Having no money though, he starts working for a Mexican cartel, smuggling drugs with his truck.

The setup isn't too bad and similar to Gran Torino, there's some sly comedy where Eastwood seems to be having a little fun with his reputation. But the second half is way too sentimental, the plot gets dragged out and the film quickly loses steam. Not his worst feature, but I think it would be better if he'd just call it quits.

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