1944 / 95m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Murder, My Sweet poster


May 19, 2023


Another overly talky noir. They sure loved to squeeze every last drop from their writers back in the day, because simple genre fluff like Murder, My Sweet is overflowing with dialogue. It's an easy way to keep the cost down I guess, since most of the film is just people yapping at each other.

A private detective, both of his eyes bandaged, is being interrogated by the police about two unsolved murders. He tells them he was hired by Malloy to locate the ex-con's girlfriend. It's a simple enough assignment, but one that leads him into a complex web of deceit and betrayal.

There are some nice shots here, but too few and far between to make a real impact. The rest of the film is just flashbacks of how a PI got mixed up in a criminal case. It's a pretty uninteresting setup, told very slowly and deliberately, with some familiar twists along the way. Could be fun if you like the old noirs, unbearable if you don't.