1973 / 55m - UK
My Ain Folk poster


December 29, 2020


The middle part of Bill Douglas' autobiographical drama trilogy. It's a pretty straight-forward continuation of the first film, only a bit longer and with slightly better technical qualities. It doesn't make a big difference though, Douglas' work is quite particular and will either appeal to you or push you away.

Jamie and Tommy are separated when their grandmother dies. Jamie is sent to live with another relative, while Tommy is shipped off to a welfare home. It's a barren time for Jamie, who is now all alone and in an environment where there's no joy or comfort, only violence and distrust.

Douglas' "show don't tell" approach is still in full effect, the grim black and white cinematography alternates between functional and aesthetic and the drama is extremely heavy-handed. This is social drama at its purest, which is not something I thoroughly appreciate, but I can't help but be in awe of Douglas' dedication to the style.