Wo He Wo De Fu Bei
2021 / 157m - China
My Country, My Parents poster


January 28, 2022


The third in the series already. China loves to bang its chest when Chinese New Year is approaching, and unless they're tinkering with the numbers, audiences love it too. The formula is a little different, with fewer directors and meatier shorts, the quality and variety is also higher than the second one, sadly the cheesy propaganda is still very much present.

We get four stories that celebrate the Chinese ancestors, highlighting their sacrifices and perseverance, and how that brought wealth and power to the people today. Each short is then followed by a short conclusion with force-feeds the message to the audience, as if it wasn't clear enough already.

Wu Jing's effort is a basic war flick that doesn't impress too much. Zhang Ziyi (yes, the actress) shows the most promise, sporting a stylish and moody finish. The third and fourth shorts are quirkier and offer a lighter vibe. While still a bit long, the difference in styles and approaches do make sure the film never drags, it's just a shame that each film ends on a sour note.