Die Mysterien Eines Frisiersalons
1923 / 32m - Germany
The Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop poster


December 08, 2020


I was aware of the German Expressionist of the '20s, but I don't think I've ever seen a German comedy from that era before. It's quite a bit different from the usual slapstick antics people like Chaplin or Keaton would come up with at that time, so there was definitely value in giving this film a shot.

The plot is extremely basic and the title is quite self-explanatory. We follow a barber shop where the barber isn't too worried about doing a decent job. He cuts people bald, chops their heads off and get himself into all kinds of trouble. It's basically just one big series of sketches.

The comedy is quite dark though and the actors don't really adhere to the classic slapstick mold. It's not extremely funny, but at least it's a welcome change from people falling over and/or bumping in to each other. An interesting curiosity, not too long and decently paced, but not that funny.