Il Nido
2019 / 107m - Italy
Mystery, Thriller
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July 03, 2022


A very stylish Italian genre film. While technically part of the horror genre (and a pretty popular horror niche at that), the film doesn't really play like a horror flick, apart from the final minute. The mystery and thriller elements are more prevalent, so keep your expectations in check.

Samuel grows up on a closed off estate. His mother doesn't want him to go outside and teaches him everything he has to know at home. When a young servant arrives at the house, Samuel falls madly in love with her. He becomes defiant and wants to taste life outside the manor.

The lovely cinematography and moody score are the real stars of the film. They make for a very atmospheric film. The performances are pretty great too, the pacing is a tad slow though and the film can be somewhat uneventful. Still, director De Feo shows what he's capable of, a very promising first feature.