1991 / 97m - USA
New Jack City poster


February 05, 2023


A black gangster flick. Its biggest selling point is no doubt the short(er) runtime, Van Peebles doesn't need more than two hours to bring his story to a conclusion, which is a blessing. Other than that, it's a relatively fun take on the genre, but there's not much here that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

Nino Brown runs a pretty bold gangster outfit. His gang takes flight when they start making and distributing crack, a drug that's quickly taking over the city. The police are on their tail, hoping to shut Nino down as quickly as possible. Scotty, a seasoned cop, will have to infiltrate the gang himself if he wants to get close to Nino.

Snipes and Ice-T are enjoyable, the film has the necessary flair, but Van Peebles's direction is pretty basic and the plot isn't winning any prizes for originality either. It's a rather generic crime effort, decent enough filler, but I'm not too surprised it's a film that has slowly faded from memory.