2022 / 91m - China
Fantasy, Romance
The New Painted Skin poster


November 04, 2022


Dai Yilin is one of my discoveries of 2022. Not that he makes the greatest films, but his quality is consistent, his output is insane and practically all his films are prime genre filler. His take on the Painted Skin legend (quite popular in Chinese cinema this past decade) is exactly what I expected from it.

General Yang is sent to Mirage City, where the Demon Lord resides. He is to win his trust first in order to defeat him, but the Demon Lord has plans of his own. He uses one of his subjects to confuse Yang by impersonating his wife. Meanwhile, the woman has fallen in love with Yang and has to choose between Yang and her master.

There isn't too much action here, instead the film focuses more on fantasy and romance. The costumes are lush, the sets are great and the little action there is in done well. CG is still subpar and the extra 20 minutes don't really add much, but I had a good time with this latest Painted Skin adaptation. Yilin is the man to look for if you want to breach Chinese streamer genre cinema.