Shin Daisan no Gokudô - Boppatsu Kansai Gokudô Sensô
1996 / 86m - Japan
New Third Gangster: Outbreak Kansai Yakuza Wars poster


March 20, 2010


Another Miike franchise that requires a little preparation to make sure you can watch everything in the right order. This is the second part of the first duology, so don't start with this one unless you think the short recap at the beginning will be enough for you. Not that it's a very complex film, but it does pay to watch them in the right order.

The plot offers a bit of stereotypical Yakuza fun. A new boss gets appointed to lead a Yakuza family, of course not everyone appreciates Kojima, their new leader. A pact is formed to get rid of Kojima, but he anticipates the trouble and he isn't willing to simply give up his new title, even when it threatens to rip his family apart.

Don't expect anything too wild, The Third Gangster films offer basic Yakuza genre fun. It's a decent mix of crime and action (though with a strong focus on the Yakuza code of honour), the presentation is clearly an afterthought. A solid central performance and a passable plot make this a fine time waster, but it's nothing like Miike's more notable films. Proper genre filler in other words.