2020 / 118m - USA
Adventure, Drama
News of the World poster


July 17, 2022


Quite a bit better than I expected it to be, then again my expectations were pretty low to begin with. I'm not a fan of westerns, I don't care much for Hanks and Greengrass is hardly my favorite director. But somehow the sum here is more than its parts, possibly thanks to the inclusion of Zengel.

Kidd is a traveling news reporter. He goes from town to town and spreads the news among the people who can't read. On his travels he finds a young orphaned girl. He decides to take her with him to the next town, but there they don't want to keep her. Kidd has no other option than to find her family and reunite her with them.

There isn't much action and the level of machismo is really low, which are definite pluses. It plays more like a road trip through the Wild West, with Kidd and the girl slowly bonding. There's always a whiff of Hollywood kitsch present, and it's far from the most memorable film around, but it turned out to be decent enough filler.