Tennen Shôjo Man Next: Yokohama Hyaku-Ya Hen
1999 / 160m - Japan
Action, Horror
Man, Next Natural Girl: 100 Nights In Yokohama poster


August 18, 2012


A pretty obscure miniseries from Miike. It's not unlike MPD Psycho, though that one was a bit weirder still. 100 Nights in Yokohama isn't nearly as long, so if you're curious to see what Miike's like when he's doing a series, and you can appreciate a decent vampire flick, this is a pretty solid option.

One by one, young virgins are turning into vampires overnight. At first, the events seem completely random, until it becomes clear that the girls are linked together by a model agency. Koda isn't willing to wait for the police to do their job, together with a couple of friends she starts her own investigation.

The presentation is pretty poor and if you're hoping to find some of Miike's usual weirdness here, it's probably best to adjust your expectations first. It's not a bad vampire flick and if you have 160 minutes to spare it's certainly not a waste of time, but knowing what Miike can do, it's hard to not be a little disappointed with the result.