Qi ji · Ben Xiao Hai
2022 / 106m - China
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October 31, 2022


China cinema has latched onto sentimentally, and the formula seems to be working for them. The big Chinese blockbusters nowadays are all feel-good, mushy dramas. There is some quality there, but cheesy conclusions and overly obvious morality really make them difficult to love.

Jing Hao is forced to take care of his little sister, who urgently needs surgery. One day he hits the jackpot when he can buy up a shipment of faulty phones, but right then the Chinese government cracks down on refurbished hardware. Hao won't give up though, and powers on through to get the money he needs to make his sister better.

The drama is decent, but the feelgood is pretty cringe-worthy. The finale in particular (when everybody helps out and Hao overcomes all his problems) is just terrible and takes away from the drama built up during the middle part. It works for Hollywood though, and now China seems hooked too. Maybe some cultural differences aren't that huge after all.