Also known as
Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru
Japan [2021] - 102m
Mystery, Thriller
Directed by
Yukihiro Morigaki
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The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window poster


June 23, 2021


A mystery with strong supernatural elements. It will come as no surprise that this film is based on a manga series, with a live action series in the works. It's perfect case-based material that works well in serialized form, slightly less fitted for a feature film, but the padding never felt too superfluous.

Kosuke works in a book store, what makes him special is that he can see ghosts. He has learned to deal with this special ability, until one day an exorcist walks into the store and recruits Kosuke to work together with him. Kosuke reluctantly agrees, but isn't really prepared for what he's about to learn.

The premise of the film is quite interesting, though Morigaki never really takes it to unexpected places. There are some stand-out scenes, certainly near the finale, but it's probably nothing you haven't seen before. Still, the film is well-acted, sports some nice visuals and easily kept me entertained from start to finish. Pleasant.