USA [2020] - 107m
Horror, Mystery
Directed by
David Bruckner
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October 09, 2021


A slow burn that's a bit too slow and doesn't burn quite bright enough to be truly successful. Bruckner certainly has a knack for horror, that much is clear as there are some truly arresting scenes here. That said, I think he could use someone to trim and edit everything down to a more interesting film.

Beth mourns her recently deceased husband Owen. Seemingly out of nowhere Owen killed himself, leaving Beth behind with a lot of questions. When she is rummaging through his stuff, she finds a picture of a young woman on his phone. Beth starts to suspect Owen had a secret life she didn't know about.

The Night House felt like a collage of familiar horror elements that never really come together in a very coherent manner. There are some proper scares here, Hall is a decent enough actress and the mystery is upheld until the very end. Still, there are quite a few dead moments and too many unresolved horror elements to be considered a genre highlight. Solid filler.

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