Nighty night: Mayonaka no Akumu
1986 / 74m - Japan
Horror - Anthology
Nighty Night: Midnight Nightmares poster


August 31, 2023


Once considered lost, after only a very limited VHS run in Japan, this little horror anthology resurfaced again out of the blue. The internet did its thing and now it's out there for all to enjoy. Beware though, the quality is horrid (old VHS) and there's a reason why the film never made it that big.

The film consists of four shorts, neither one connected to the others. There's a birthday party gone out of control, a dangerous video game come to life, a stalker hunting students, and a girl's body dysmorphia turned into a physical threat. There's a bit of everything in other words.

The presentation is hard to critique since the quality is pretty bad, but the camera work and the effects are clearly on the low-budget side of the spectrum. I liked the computer game short best, as it was the weirdest and most fantastical one, the others were pretty disappointing. Not great, but if you like a rare horror oddity, it's worth a go.