2023 / 101m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
Nimona poster


September 03, 2023


I wish I could've liked this more. Nimona is a film that dares to take risks. It comes with its unique animation style, it's not franchise-related and there are some genuinely good ideas hidden away in there. It's also insufferably moralistic and it sports some terribly unfunny comedy bits.

After a heroine gets rid of the evil in her kingdom, she puts in place a system that should protect her land for future generations. Her descendants are trained to be skilled knights, but times change, and 1000 years after her passing, a commoner is allowed to join the ranks of the knights. Things go horribly wrong when he is finally instated.

I don't mind a story about outcasts trying to fit in, but the writing is terribly simplistic, and moralistic points are driven home through bland and basic dialogues, which really kills a lot of the fun. The dub is also disappointing, which is a shame as the animation is pretty interesting. Keep the animators, and change up the creative team for the next one.