2021 / 112m - Australia
Drama, Thriller
Nitram poster


November 29, 2023


With the rise of interest in true crime material, it's no surprise there has been a considerable uptick in movies featuring mass murderers. Nitram doesn't really stand out among the crowd, but its approach to paint a more humane and empathic picture of the killer is definitely appreciated.

Martin is a young boy who is fascinated by fireworks. He has mental issues and doesn't really fit in with the rest. His parents take care of him to the best of their abilities, but when he meets Helen, a wealthy single woman, he feels it's time to live his own life. Things won't go quite as planned though.

The lead performance is very strong, the build-up is proper and Kurzel takes his time to frame Martin's background. Even though I was completely unaware of the tragedy, it's clear from the start where this film is going, which is probably its only real weakness. Other than that, this is a solid drama, but nothing too memorable.