2022 / 95m - USA
No Exit poster


February 27, 2022


A basic thriller that's a little too quick to bare its secrets. What saved the film for me was the snowy setting, which really adds plenty of atmosphere. The rest of the film is decent enough, but the phoned-in twists and lack of bite prevent this from becoming something truly worthwhile.

Darby is in rehab when she hears her mom has been sent to the hospital. She escapes and steals a car, but halfway there she gets stuck in a snow storm. A local cop sends her to the visitor center, where she is advised to wait out the storm. There, she discovers a van with a young girl tied up inside.

The performances are solid, and the setup is decent enough. Director Power isn't too interested in upholding the mystery and reveals the bad guys quite early on, which is a shame as the thriller elements don't excel. There's some irrelevant drama too, but the center in the middle of a raging snow storm does make for a great setting. Good, never great.